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Partial or full dentures can be a good and cost affective way of replacing missing or un restorable teeth. There are a number of different types of dentures that are available, and during your initial consultation appointment your dentist will discuss with you all of your options in detail.

It is often recommended to try and maintain some of your own natural teeth, hence going for the partial denture over a full or complete one.

These provide greater stability, and the presence of your natural teeth also helps to maintain your bone level, preventing your face from getting the ‘sunken in’ look in the future.
There are two major types of partial dentures available, the acrylic based or the cast chrome based option.
The first type is an acrylic based denture that is made of a plastic like material that is coloured to blend into your gums. They are generally the more cost affective option, and are recommended for people who anticipate needing further teeth removed. It is easier to modify and add extra teeth to these types of dentures. They are made of a lightweight and an easier material to repair but are weaker and can fracture more easily.

Chrome dentures are a metal base denture. They are more expensive than acrylic dentures but they are stronger and have better stability. They can be more obvious in the mouth but you will find them more comfortable to wear because they are thinner and smaller.

Making a denture can take up to five appointments, with about a week between each one.
Dentures need to be cleaned just as often as you would clean your natural teeth to prevent inflamed gums, bacterial and fungal infections. Make sure you take your denture out of your mouth and clean your gums as well. You should also take your denture out at night to give your gums a chance to breathe and rest.

In many cases it is necessary to have a denture made to fill in gaps in your smile and provide support and increased function to your molars, but if you have the option to keep your own teeth we highly recommend it. Dentures are never as good as your own teeth. They will never have the retention and stability of your natural teeth and can be uncomfortable to wear at first, even though this will improve with time.

We can help you pick out the right denture for your specific needs that looks natural and will give you the confidence to smile again.