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It is essential for anyone who plays a sport (young or old) to invest in a custom-fitted mouthguard to avoid injury to your jaw and teeth. It is just as important to wear the mouthguard during training, as well as playing the game, to insure any contact to the face doesn’t damage or dislodged teeth, break the jaw or cut lips. These dental injuries can be painful and may involve lengthy and expensive dental treatment.

The self-fitted type of mouthguard available from chemists gives very poor protection and is not advised. A custom made guard is comfortable, tight fitting, allows you to speak clearly, maximises resistance against being dislodged and wont restrict breathing.

It is important that you wear a mouthguard if you play football, hockey, netball, baseball, basketball and even while skateboarding or skiing. It’s a good idea to have your mouthguard checked every 12 months for optimal fit and protection.

Having a custom mouthguard made is very simple. An impression will be taken of your top and bottom teeth and two plaster models created. A piece of acrylic, in the colour of your choice, is then vacuumed fitted around the model. This will provide you with the best fitting mouthguard made specially to suit your individual needs.

Your name and contact number will be melted into the mouthguard so if you are to lose it, it can find its way home. Once you have your mouthguard make sure you keep it clean and store it in a firm container, away from heat to ensure it maintains its shape.