Pregnancy | Logan Village Dental



It is important that you tell your dentist you are pregnant as it can affect the type of care necessary for you. Routine check ups, scale and cleans and general fillings can be carried out at any stage of the pregnancy without any concerns. Major dental work such as extractions and root canals are assessed case by case and your dentist will talk through any concerns or questions you have regarding the proposed treatment.

As a general rule we avoid taking x-rays during pregnancy, however in some extreme cases we may require an x-ray for treatment. Your dentist will discuss with you all factors but will ultimately leave the decision up to you.

There are some antibiotics and local anaesthetics that are not recommend taking while you are pregnant or breast feeding. If it is necessary for your treatment we will ensure the appropriate medication is prescribed for you and your baby’s health.

Often hormonal changes that you undergo as a result of pregnancy can contribute to inflammation of your gums. For this reason it is vital that you keep up good oral hygiene practices throughout your pregnancy. If your gums are swollen, reddish in appearance or bleed when you clean your teeth then it is a good idea to come visit us.

During the last three months of pregnancy, the mother provides the minerals needed to calcify the baby’s teeth. These minerals come from an increased intake of dairy food or other calcium-rich foods and drinks. A nutritious diet and good dental hygiene during the pregnancy will ensure the mother’s and baby’s teeth will be healthy and strong.